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Accidentally deleted this website lol.

(ID:4) I accidentally deleted software.xproot.pw while trying to clean up my server, oops! by xproot at 2022-08-09

Added download counts! ☆ ~('▽^人)

(ID:3) (just wanted to use the emoticon, don't blame me) Download counts are now here! :DDD by xproot at 2022-05-02

Welcome to software.xproot.pw!

(ID:2) I'm excited to announce that I consider the fundamental parts of this website DONE! by xproot at 2022-05-02

Almost exiting early alpha!

(ID:1) Hello people who have been following this website's development, I, xproot, am proud to announce this website is about to exit early alpha! This will mean the website will soon start to provide software downloads for my stuff! :D by xproot at 2022-05-01

made out of boredom and love by xproot! ^.^