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Hello people who have been following this website's development, I, xproot, am proud to announce this website is about to exit early alpha! This will mean the website will soon start to provide software downloads for my stuff! :D

Since I plan for this to be more official and professional than my older projects page, this will only include programs that I consider good enough on
1. Being Finished (Polished, Ease to use)
2. An actual purpose (so no test programs like xp test)
Since I will still want to add programs like these, there will still be a projects page in my main website. Along with non-program stuff (scripts, etc...)

Some programs that I think will add once I complete this site will be:
and WinWorld Orbital Laser (doesn't meet 2.? DOESN'T MATTER!)
(Might add GetAnyIP! too.)

I feel like this website will also incentivize me to keep making programs, but still, will be slowed down by school (frick you school!) well anyway, thanks for following this website's development!

made out of boredom and love by xproot! ^.^